Jesus And His Mission

When Jesus called Matthew to follow Him from being a despised tax collector to becoming a disciple of Christ, an important principle of reaching the lost was shown to us. After Jesus called Matthew, and they came to probably Matthew’s house for a meal, they were joined by many other tax collectors and sinners, all acquainted with Matthew. So, by reaching Matthew, Jesus was able to be with those from Matthew’s “people group” and they were all able to get introduced to Him and spend time with Him. The pharisees objected because they did not understand Jesus, and what He came to earth to do.

For centuries missionaries have used this same principle to reach nations and people groups with the gospel of salvation through Christ Jesus. All it takes is for one person to be reached for Christ, for the people associated with that person to also become influenced by the Lord Jesus.

Maybe you are the first one in your family, or in your work place, to serve the Lord. Or maybe you grew up in a family of Christ followers. It all started with one person who heard Jesus say, “follow Me.”

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